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We provide x‐ray baggage scanner, walk‐through metal detector and handheld metal detector, dangerous liquid detector, explosion‐proof equipment etc, which aims to mitigate and greatly reduce all kinds of threats and risks.



Handheld Metal Detector & X Ray Baggage Scanners

If you are looking for the best range of high-grade and advanced baggage scanners and metal detectors or looking for anything else like handheld metal detectors, or X-Ray baggage scanners, you will have some better options to fulfil your requirement by going online that is counted as one of the convenient ways to enhance your experience.

We at Image Links West Africa bring to you the best range of handheld devices to improve the security standards of the places. Choose the right units of your choice, check all details, and place your order.

We offer you the best range of handheld metal detectors and a variety of other devices to scan luggage, and baggage at different places to ensure no explosive material is in them or weapons.

These devices are handheld and installed at entry and exit points of different places like metro stations, railway stations, airports, hotel/resort gates, high-security buildings, and different other places.

They are durable and work effectively to provide you with the right solutions. Choose the right baggage scanners and metal detectors or place your order for X-Ray baggage scanners, we solve your queries and ensure you’ll get delivery to your address.

An advanced range of scanning security equipment is advanced and comes with a number of added features. Choose the best range of advanced devices and place your order accordingly.


1. X‐ray inspection system (TE‐XS 5030A)

handheld metal detector


  • Compact Design
  • High Resolution
  • Full Featured
  • Reliable
  • Cost Effective

It has a tunnel opening of 550mm wide by 300mm high. Originally designed for hand baggage detection on public security area, but more and more factories use this model to detect defective products.



2. X-ray Inspection System

handheld metal detector


  • Multi‐language Support
  • Performance and Value
  • High Density Alarm
  • High Resolution
  • Assist to Detect Drug and Explosive Power
  • Powerful X‐ray Source Imaging Performance and Penetration

TE‐XS8065 is an advanced X‐ray Baggage Scanner capable of detecting organic and inorganic items such as weapons, explosives and narcotics. It has a tunnel of 80cm width and 65cm height that will easily accommodate the inspection of hand luggage and medium‐size parcels. It uses a high resolution x‐ray detector array that increases detection sensitivity, improves image resolution and optimizes image presentation.



3. X‐ray inspection system (TE‐XS100100)

x ray baggage scanner TEXS8065


  • Multi‐language Support
  • Performance and Value
  • Small Cargo/Large Parcel Screening
  • High Resolution
  • Assist to Detect Drug and Explosive Power
  • Powerful X‐ray Source Imaging Performance and Penetration

The dual energy TE‐XS100100 is designed for customers requiring inspections of checked baggage and small cargo. The low convey allows for easy loading and unloading of parcels and small cargo. Dual energy imaging provides automatic color coding of materials with different atomic numbers so that screeners can easily identify objects within the parcel. The TE‐XS100100 has a standard tunnel opening of 1000mm*1000mm.



4. Handheld Metal Detector

x ray baggage scanner           x ray baggage scanner      


  • Sound and alarm light
  • Low Consumption
  • High Stability
  • Solid Structure
  • Good working: short alarm indication
  • Low Voltage: continuous alarm indication
  • Main body: solid and durable plastics.

Basic Parameters

  • Sensitivity level: high and low, two options
  • Alarm method: single buzzer and vibration
  • Battery Type: 9V alkaline battery or rechargeable nickel‐hydrogen battery.
  • Working hours: under the condition of 10% alarm, alkaline battery 40 hours , rechargeable nickel‐hydrogen battery 14 hours
  • Working frequency: 95KHZ
  • Size: 400mm x 79mm x 30mm
  • Weight: 248g
  • Detecting accuracy: pin 30‐60mm, 64‐type pistol 150mm, 6”dagger 160mm,Ф20mm steel ball 90mm


6. Walkthrough metal detector

Walkthrough metal detector TESD1


To detect the extremely small metals hidden inside the human body such as small blades, paper clips, electronic chip etc. It is widely used in airport, railway station, subway station, workshop, big exhibition etc.


1. Alarm mode: the LED indicates the position of the metal hidden under clothes by sound and light
2. Detecting zone: 6 detecting zones overlap each other to detect the position exactly
3. Adjustable sensitivity:available to detect a coin,100 grades choices
4. Better anti‐interference:digital, analog and balance technology, low rate of wrong alarms.
5. Password protection:only authorized person can be allowed to operate, high safety level.
6. Panel operation: to set up parameters by panel operation
7. Count function: to display the number of people pass and alerts.
8. Safety design: safe for Cardiac Pacemaker, pregnant woman, Magnetic disk and tape.

Basic Parameters

1. Power Supply: AC 90V‐250V 50/60Hz
2. Power: 35W
3. Weight: 65Kg
4. Through Rate: more than 60 persons/ minute
5. Work environment: ‐20°C~+60°C
6. Door size: 2225mm*860mm*630mm
7. Tunnel size: 2050mm*700mm*630mm
8. Technology standard: GB15210‐2003


7. Hand‐held hazardous liquid detector

Handheld metal detector TEV1500


The device is designed for detecting hazardous liquids which are Inflammable and explosive, and can quickly identify many kinds of hazardous liquids without touching the container.

Application Fields

Airports, Ports, Railway Stations, Subway Stations, Frontier Inspection Station, Customs, Exhibitions and other security sensitive areas.

Detectable Range

Gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, diethyl ether, isopropyl ether, petroleum ether, propylene oxide, acetone, dichloroethane, ethanol, isopropanol, n‐octane, carbon disulfide, methanol, nitromethane, n‐hexane, trichloromethane methane, paint ( nitro solvent ) and other forty kinds of flammable and explosive hazardous liquids.

Basic Parameters

1. Components:main body, charging base etc

2. Size and weight:L216*W50*H79mm,200g(battery included) 

3. Boot time:1s

4. Test time:1s

5. Detectable container size:≥5.5cm*1.5cm minimum 50ml

6. Alarm method: sound/LCD alarm

7. Operation interface: English and Chinese interface,self‐luminous OLED

8. Data storage:≥10000 records

9. Working temperature:‐10OC‐‐+55OC



8. Automotive Vehicle Security System

Automotive vehicle security system 1 

The system is widely used for detecting bottom of vehicle, to find forbidden object including smugglings and stowaways hidden under the bottom of vehicle rapidly and accurately.


The entrance and exit of airports, frontier inspection stations, prisons, customs and government, exhibition and other publics
public security, explosion‐proof, the vehicle of army.


1.  Complete vehicle bottom image

2.  IP68, anti‐pressure, anti‐seismic, adaptable

3.  Multiple monitors, auto REC

4.  Multilingual user interface design

5.  Strong expansion, various system linkage controls

6.  Multiple devices connection is available

Basic Parameters

1.   Vertical resolution of the image:2048 pixel

2.   Perspective width:4m

3.   Speed:1~65km/h

4.   Effective angular field :170°

5.   Supplementary lighting :100W

6.   Load capacity:>30T

7.   Waterproof, IP68, 24h

8.   Weight: 28kg

9.   Size: 410mm×370mm×93mm

10.  Communication port:RS232/RS422

11.  Storage temperature: ‐40°~+75°

12. Working temperature: ‐10°~+60° software interface

13. Working voltage: 110~240V AC,50~60HZ