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Image links west Africa Limited is a leading distributor of UK manufactured high quality fire Extinguishers. Our global brands of extinguishers are uniquely coded in accordance with BS 7863, making them clearly distinguished and highly attractive. Our extinguishers have color coded handles and bases (where possible) to identify the different types of fire extinguishers and their contents.


portable fire extinguishers

Portable Co2 Automatic Fire Extinguisher System

Carbon dioxide (CO2) fire extinguishers find extensive use in locations where the risk of flammable liquid fires or live electrical equipment is a concern. These extinguishers are renowned for their clean extinguishing capabilities, leaving behind no residue. Depending on your specific requirements, you have the flexibility to select the most suitable fire extinguisher units or place an order for the latest models of portable fire extinguishers, which are user-friendly and equipped with additional features.

Whether you are in search of a CO2 automatic fire extinguisher system, exploring the best range of portable fire extinguishers, or inquiring about CO2 fire extinguisher prices, we offer tailored solutions. Our commitment is to provide you with top-notch units at affordable rates, accompanied by a comprehensive user guide to ensure you have all the necessary information for effective fire safety.

For your fire extinguisher needs, trust in our expertise to deliver the right solutions, from CO2 automatic fire extinguisher systems to versatile and efficient portable fire extinguishers.

The Best Units of Co2 Fire Extinguishers at Affordable Prices

Image Links West Africa is a one-stop reliable name bringing to you the best models of high-grade and advanced carbon dioxide fire extinguishers and different other types of fire extinguisher devices – all are advanced and come with some added features. Choose the best one of your choice, check all details, and place your order accordingly.

We are the leading manufacturer and fire extinguisher dealers providing you with the best range online. Technical specifications, features, benefits of using, competitive prices, manufacturer’s warranty, user manual, etc are provided by us for better use of the units.

Place your order from anywhere for the best models of carbon dioxide fire extinguishers or portable fire extinguishers and get them delivered in a timely manner always right to your address.


1. FOT - ABC Dry Powder Stored Pressure Extinguisher

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ABC or multipurpose fire extinguishers is the most multi-functional extinguisher cable of extinguishing Class A and B fires as well as those involving gas or electrical equipment. The full range achieved a higher fire rating compare to standard requirements which mean that per extinguisher coverage is wider than a standard extinguisher.

  • Approved to BS EN3 by LPCB (UK)
  • TRED certified (CE Mark)
  • MED certified (Wheel Mark)
  • Top Quality fire extinguisher (480 hours salt spray test to ISO 9227 for maximum corrosion resistance protection)
  • Effective suppression for class A, B, C & E fires
  • Non-conductive of electricity
  • Fast Knock out effect
  • Available in 6kg, 9kg and 50kg (wheel)
  • Automatic DCP available in 6kg and 9kg

2. FOT - Automatic Fire Extinguisher

carbon dioxide fire extinguisher

It is designed for fixed automatic protection. Suitable for Class A, B, C fire risks and electrical fires. The 6kg automatic extinguisher will protect an area up to 20 cubic meters and 12kg will protect up to 40 cubic meters.


3. Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers

co2 fire extinguisher price

Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers are used on or near electrical equipment because they leave no mess and do not cause any damage. They are effective on class B, C and E fires.

  • Approved to BS EN3 by LPCB (UK)
  • TRED certified (CE Mark)
  • MED certified (Wheel Mark)
  • Top Quality fire extinguisher (480 hours salt spray test to ISO 9227 for maximum corrosion resistance protection)
  • Effective suppression for class B,C &E fires
  • Non-conductive of electricity
  • High pressure hardware
  • Used for clean area only
  • Available in 3kg, 5kg, 9kg (wheel)  and  50kg (wheel)

4. FOT  - Wet Chemicals Fire Suppression System

wet chemical fire suppression system

Our wet chemical fire extinguisher is a high-quality solution, bearing the LPCB certification to BS EN3 standards. This stored pressure wet chemical extinguisher has been meticulously crafted for a precise purpose – to combat class F fires, particularly those involving cooking appliances containing oil with capacities of up to 25 liters. Furthermore, it is versatile and suitable for handling class A fires.

When it comes to fire safety, trust in our wet chemical fire suppression system to provide effective protection against kitchen fires, ensuring both safety and peace of mind.


4.. FOT ECOFOAM - Foam Stored Pressure Extinguisher [Cream Color Band]

carbon dioxide fire extinguisher

Eco-friendly foam fire extinguisher utilizes the best foam SC-1 in its class. It is very effective on class A and B fires. SC-1 has an ability to form aqueous film which flows quickly over water insoluble hydrocarbon fuel surfaces causing rapid fire extinguishment and vapor suppression for class B fires. Also it provides excellent penetrating and wetting qualities when used on class A fires.


5. Water Stored Pressure Extinguisher [Red color band]

carbon dioxide fire extinguisher

Water fire extinguishers utilizes the penetrating, soaking and cooling effective of a 4 meters concentrated water stream for effective of class A fires. It is an ideal low cost solution to provide Class A protection from all fire involving freely burning materials such as wood, paper or fabric.