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FM200 Fire Suppression is a suitable agent for normally occupied spaces. FM200 fire suppression systems are commonly used in Data Centres, Communication Rooms, Telecommunication Facilities, UPS Rooms & Medical Facilities etc.


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Best FM200 Fire & Gas Suppression System

While detecting fires can be relatively straightforward with alarms and various monitoring units, the true challenge lies in effectively suppressing fires, which demands more than just the application of water sprinklers. To address this critical need, you require advanced systems that simplify the entire process. Making the right choice between various fire suppression methods, such as high-pressure carbon dioxide suppression or the highly effective FM200 gas suppression system, is a pivotal decision.

We offer you access to the finest fire suppression systems, including the sought-after FM200 gas suppression system. With our expertise, you can confidently select the ideal fire suppression solution to suit your specific requirements. We ensure a seamless delivery of the chosen system right to your doorstep, accompanied by a comprehensive guide to guarantee its proper installation and operation.

Rest assured, when it comes to fire suppression, you can count on us to provide you with the best range of options, including the FM200 fire suppression system, to safeguard your premises effectively.

High Pressure Carbon Dioxide Suppression

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Image Links West Africa has the largest range of advanced fire suppression systems that are technically advanced, properly checked before delivery and installation and kept maintained to use in case of a hazardous situation and case of fire detection. Suppression is done instantly as they become active or help users to take the right step. We have an exclusive range for you that is equipped with some of the best units like:

  • FM200 fire suppression, inert gas fire suppression, and Novec1230 fire suppression
  • Automatic co2 fire suppression, HFC227 Suppression System, and FK5112 Suppression System
  • High-Pressure Carbon Dioxide Suppression, the best fire suppression system, and different others

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1. FM 200 Fire Suppression System

FM200 fire suppression system

The FOT-HFC227 (FM-200) systems have earned widespread recognition for providing dependable and efficient fire protection solutions for safeguarding high-value assets, critical processes, and sensitive locations, as well as ensuring the safety of individuals working within these protected areas.

One of the primary advantages of the FM200 fire suppression system lies in its minimal agent requirement to effectively combat fires. This translates to a reduced number of cylinders, resulting in valuable space savings for the storage of FM200 cylinders.

With FM200 systems, the speed of response is remarkable, reaching extinguishing levels in 10 seconds or less. This swift action effectively halts the progression of ordinary combustible, electrical, and flammable liquid fires, preventing them from causing substantial damage.

When it comes to fire protection, trust in the effectiveness and efficiency of FM200 gas suppression systems to safeguard your valuable assets, processes, and the well-being of those in protected areas.


2. Novec 1230 Fire Suppression System

Novec 1230 fire suppression system

FOT-FK-5-1-12(NOVEC-1230) stands out as an environmentally friendly clean agent system, representing the preferred solution for safeguarding both people and high-value assets.

This remarkable gas operates by extinguishing fires through its cooling effect. Being in liquid form at room temperature, it simplifies the handling, transportation, and maintenance processes significantly. Importantly, it boasts a zero ozone depletion potential and an exceptionally low global warming potential, with an atmospheric lifetime of just 5 days. In contrast, its nearest Halocarbon alternative lingers for a lengthy 33 years in the atmosphere.

NOVEC-1230 can be effectively employed for both streaming and flooding applications, making it a versatile choice. This cutting-edge system has been purposefully designed to provide specialized fire protection for unique hazards.

For your fire suppression needs, trust in the NOVEC 1230 fire suppression system—an environmentally conscious solution that excels in safeguarding lives and valuable assets while minimizing its environmental impact.


3. Inert Gas Fire Suppression System

Inert Gas Fire Suppression

Employing inert gases is a well-established and reliable approach to fire suppression, harnessing naturally occurring gases in environments where people may be present or where valuable and sensitive assets are at risk of damage from traditional extinguishing agents.

INERGEN stands out as an exceptionally efficient fire suppression system, adept at swiftly extinguishing fires and preventing re-ignition. What sets it apart is its inherent safety, ensuring no harm to individuals or equipment when it is engineered and installed by a certified fire suppression systems installation company.

When it comes to fire safety, trust in the efficacy of inert gas fire suppression systems like INERGEN to safeguard lives and protect valuable assets, all while minimizing any potential risks.

Inergen fire suppression is often used in:

  • Laboratories
  • Telecommunication rooms
  • Computer & server environments
  • Control rooms
  • Archives

4. Automatic CO2 Fire Suppression

automatic co2 fire suppression

Carbon Dioxide systems have been used in fire protection for over 100 years. FOT- High Pressure Carbon Dioxide Suppression Systems are especially effective for non-occupied hazards. Whatever the application, from cylinders to nozzle, each system is custom-designed for your specific fire hazards

Automatic CO2 fire suppression systems are an ideal solution for local fire suppression applications.  This agent is suitable for both local applications as well as total flooding applications.


  • Non-corrosive
  • Non Conductive
  • Zero Ozone Depletion
  • Zero Global Warming (as fire suppression CO2 is nor taken from a fossil fuel)
  • Easily distributed
  • CO2 can be used as a common bank arrangement with diverter/distribution valves directing it to multiple enclosures