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Image Links West Africa limited is a comprehensive supplier of fire rescue equipment and fire protection personal equipment. Our product line includes respirator series, protection clothing series and personal protective series products are widely used in Oil & Gas, Chemical, Fire Rescue, Power & Mining industries.


fire rescue equipment

1. Fire Protection Breathing Apparatus

fire protection breathing apparatus

Description: For Respiratory System


Mainly consist of wide view veil, air supply valves, reducing valves, alertor and pressure gauge, backboard and carbon fiber composite cylinder.

Model Cylinder Volume Rated Working Pressure Gas Soorage (L) Air Supply Flow, no less than (L/min) Inspiratory Resistance (pa) Breathing Resistance (Pa)
RHZK3/30 3 30 900 300 ≥0, ≤500 ≤1000
RHZK6.8/30 6 30 2040 300 ≥0, ≤500 ≤1000 
RHZK6.8x2/30 6.8 x 2 30 4080 300 ≥0, ≤500 ≤1000
RHZKF9/30 9 30 2700 300 ≥0, ≤500 ≤1000



2. Environment (Toxic Gas) Monitor

environment toxic gas monitor


  • CH4, O2, CO, H2S and other gases on–site environment can be detected in real time, or customize according to need
  • Transmit the parameters to back command system by wireless transmission technology
  • Explosion grade. Exia II CT4 protection levels: IP67

3. Sealed Chemical Protective Clothing (FFH-1)

sealed chemical protective clothing


  • Inside the suit, there is protective half helmet; the veil is hard transparent material, anti- cutting and water-mist proof
  • The rubber shoe can resist skidding, piercing and static
  • The whole suit is sewed in double, two side thermosol type connecting, no obvious seam, zipper bonding, fully sealed
  • There is ventilation line and distribution valve inside the protection suit, and the air respirator and wireless communication system can be built in

Technical Parameter

  • Acid resistance: Soaked in 80% H2SO4, 60%HNO3,30%HCL for 60min,no permeation
  • Alkali resistance: Soaked in 6.1mol/L NaOH for 60min, no permeation

Combustion Resistance

  • Time Combustion of fire: ≤2s
  • Time combustion of non-fire: ≤10s
  • Burns long: ≤10cm
  • Overall weight:≤5kg

4. Rapid Dismounting Glove System

rapid dismounting gloves

Rapid dismounting glove system can be very convenient for assembling and disassembling the protective glove, while ensuring the air-tight connection.


5. Chemical Protective Boot

chemical protective boots


  • It has excellent ability to resist the general chemical
  • With steel sole and head of shoe, complying to GB12011-2000
  • High performance chemical PVC is seamless injection molded at a time to ensure safety
  • Non-absorbent polyester lining ensuring dry and easy cleaning.

6. Fire Commander Suit (FZH-1)

fire commander suit

Flame retardant, heat-resisting, anti-static, waterproof, breathable, good identification. Complying with GA10-2002 firefighting suit standard.


  • The water proof and ventilated layer effectively stops water but let through moisture, making the suit breathable and comfortable
  • The thermal insulation layer gives extra flame and thermal protection
  • The added reflective trim can enhance wearer visibility